Unfortunately, Required Reading- Episode 18: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Listen Here

In this week’s episode, hosts Tori and Amanda discuss Dante’s very famous Inferno and day-drink chianti on a not so joyful trip down to the city of Dis to visit their favorite fallen angel.

Unfortunately, Required Reading Episode 17: The Real Hell is Ye Olde English

In which hosts, Tori and Amanda, go over John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost and Amanda complains about an overly smoked cheese.

Unfortunately, Required Reading Episode 15: Anxiety Makes Terrible Murderers

Join hosts Tori and Amanda in a little jaunt to horror town as we cover Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart.

Unfortunately, Required Reading- Episode 13: Dorian Gray’s Not-So Excellent Homoerotic Adventure

Tori and Amanda settle down to solve the puzzle that is The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde and enjoy some very delicious cheese in the process.


Unfortunately, Required Reading: Episode 12- Better than Lord of the Flies

In which Tori and Amanda read Sula by Toni Morrison and Amanda complains about Blackberry “flavored” water.

Unfortunately, Required Reading- Episode 11: Slavery and Spiteful Ghosts

In which hosts Amanda and Tori read Toni Morrison’s Beloved and spend a lot of the podcast upset over how terrible slavery was.

Unfortunately Required Reading: Episode 10- Their Eyes Were Watching Halle Berry

In which hosts Tori and Amanda talk about dual-consciousness, the misery of having to slay a rabid lover and Zora Neale Hurston’s fantastic book: Their Eyes Were Watching God.


Unfortunately Required Reading- Episode 9: Furry Mr. Nihilist

In which Tori and Amanda try and wrap their minds around existential dread, misery, a furry angst ball in the woods and stomach down spicy mead.


Unfortunately Required Reading- Episode 8: A Scandinavian Warrior Walks Into a Mead Hall

In which we discuss Beowulf and enjoy mead a little too much.